Monday, February 22, 2010

Renninger's Mount Dora Antique Show in Florida

I was recently at the Mount Dora antiques show in Florida, and I thought all you antiquers might want to take a look. Above is my friend Ken from Maine's booth. In the winter at Mount Dora, you will see a few snow birds from the northern climes setting up in Florida, to make a little money and get some sun.
Mostly you see dealers from Florida setting up with typical antiques that end up in the Florida antiques market.

This booth is more typical, a mixture of imports and local estate finds.

Can you see, Mt. Dora is built on what I think is the only hill in Florida.

Last weekend was the first warm day in a long time, and the customers came! Sales were OK for some, bad for others and very good for a few, as things have been in this market. And this market is shrinking, as many are. Dealers who do not sell cannot afford to come back, so this show had many empty spots, as many shows do these days.  I've talked to so many dealers who are looking for another way to make a living. They have to sell their inventory at cost to buy groceries, but soon you have nothing left to sell. So collectors, if you have a favorite show to shop, don't just attend, and put money in the promoter's pocket, but buy an antique and support the dealers. I know, I know, you say you are afraid to spend right now, but so many of us are looking at quitting the business. I am afraid that there will soon be no shows to go to, no friendly dealers to explain things to you, no booths of wonderful things to look at and learn about and dream of. Where else can you pick up an antique in your hand, feel it, examine it, talk about it, learn about it and price it? Not online, pictures just aren't good enough. Not at the auction house, they don't guarantee their things. Certainly not at the garage sales. No where.

Look at this fun display.

Mt. Dora has a flea market also, with orchids and produce and socks and dog toys and sunglasses, and you know. The orchids were $8.!
So next time you are in Florida, come and shop. You might just find a treasure! The extravaganzas are in November, January and February.