Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Snow Storm!

Here's what my house looked like the morning after the big storm.
Here's our road.
Here's the meadow and outhouse to the north.
Here's our beloved heritage apple tree, which covered our deck in flowers in May. R.I.P.
Look at the motorhome! We don't think there is any damage, but will need to wait for the snow to melt to do a good examination of the roof.

Its such a mess in CT. There are trees and limbs down everywhere. I don't think we have 1 tree without damage. Especially the oaks, they still had their leaves so they are all damaged. We will have a years work to clean it up. No power, they are saying maybe 2 more weeks! No internet or cable. We have a good wood stove, so we're toasty here, but no water. There's no power in town, so you spend a lot of time driving around looking for a gas station that has power and has gas, then you can wait in line. The PO is open, but no power for the scales so you can ship. Costco was sort of open, the whole store running on a giant generator, if you can believe it. The city plowed the snow, and came and is cutting and pulling the downed limbs that are in the road. There is a shelter for heat and showers at the Middle School. So we'll get along, but boy it is an eye opener. Who knew how vulnerable our society is.