Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why the new bathroom is not getting done

Here is our future new old bathroom when last seen. Since then we've done a show everyweekend.
And not to mention dog shows almost everyweekend.
Here is a pic of the show at Waters Tavern in Sutton MA last weekend.

Then there were the delayed projects. Cy replaced this window last spring, but some reason I didn't get around to scraping and painting until now. Last minute, naturally. Winter is coming.
Look better now?
 We added these 18th C windows to the New Room in the spring. Do you think I could putty and paint then? Clearly not.
Look better now?
View from the inside. Wish you could see all the bubbles and blobs in the glass.
I centered one bubble over Freckles in the front yard. See it now?

Here is the real reason nothing is getting done in the plumbing department. This is Cy out west with his antelope. He is on a real hunting trip with his brothers. No I will not have antlers on my wall, but I will have meat in my freezer!
See you next month, hopefully I'll have more progress to show you.