Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My New Kitchen

Wow! Five years and finally done. I am putting up lots of pictures so you can see what we did. My goal was to have a kitchen that functioned like a fine gourmet kitchen, as I love to cook, and I have a lot of cooking toys to hide. The other thing I wanted was to have a kitchen that looked like a natural part of my 18th C house. I didn't want to see a nice looking old cupboard next to a stainless steel stove. To me that just is too jarring a contrast. So I wanted a calm look featuring old wood surfaces, original paint, antique plaster and the sunlight angling across the old surfaces. No interruptions of modern life visible. Did I succeed? You be the judge.

We added under counter lights  to highlight the old pine sheathing we used for back splashes. Can you see the hidden dishwasher, or the Viking cooktop, or the professional range vent?
Here is the hidden dishwasher, next to the soapstone sink.
Here is the counter next to the sink, my favorite part of the whole kitchen. It turns chopping vegetables into a whole new experience, sort of the zen of preparation, if you will.

Here is the cupboard above the cooktop, hiding the vent a hood. But look what is also hides.
Cy built a nice spice cabinet in the shallow space in front of the Faber vent. Handy to have spices right where you use them, by the stove. Yes I know I spent way too much when I treated myself to a shopping trip to Penzeys, but what a difference fresh high quality spices make. I think some of my spices were older than my kids! Yikes! Now I can't wait to go back and fill up the shelves.

It's nice to sit at the table and watch the bird feeders in the backyard. Look to the far left, at the tall doors with H hinges. Look at what they hide.


First item on the right is the hidden refrig with radio and speakers above. Gotta have good music when you're working.

Next to that is the cupboard with my Amana convection oven, my micro, and lots of room for small electics, baking pans, etc.

And here, hidden on the side of the refrig, is a space for our new flat screen TV. Who can cook without a glimpse at the TV now and then?

Here is the under counter "dock" to the right of the sink.

Here it is open, home to all sorts of electric gadgets that normally drape themselves all over the counter.
And here is my other favorite thing, the wide plank 18th C chestnut floorboards with original mustard paints. Can you see how they warm up the cool dark brown of the cupboards?
So, how did we do? It is so rewarding to sit in this warm environment where I can eat, cook, work on my computer, watch tv listen to music, do yoga and look out the back door and watch the colored leaves fall. What could be better? Please send me your comments.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lebanon, CT Antiques Show

Here is a picture of the historic Jonathan Trumball house, ( )with its wonderful tour guides, which is across the street from the antiques show. Naturally I abandoned my booth and took a tour. In walking distance of the show also is a library book sale, a bake sale, a farmer's market and several garage sales, listed of course, in my order of interest. What a great day, sunshine, cookies and new books, whoo hoo! Not to mention an abundance of old stuff for sale, old friends, dogs to pet, and lunch. What more, you ask, well, let me show you.

Here is my booth, shown first of course. Like my new old wooden sundial? Most of the rest of the items are on my website, Sales were OK for a one day show, thanks to a few customers who understood and loved early things. Thanks again!

Here is my friend Sue Wirth's booth who sets up with her daughter, Molly. What a nice family activity!

Here is a general shot of the show. Look at my neighbor's great 1930's bike. The show is set up on the town green, so is very scenic.

Like I said, a great show to pet dogs at.

Later in the afternoon, things got a little relaxed, and fun was had by all.
So, that's my post for this week, next week who knows? Any requests?
See you next week!