Sunday, May 13, 2012

"New Room" Part 3

This is before. Remember this? If not see New Room Parts 1 & 2 on this blog. This is the structure of the ceiling of the new room. If you remember we than had spray foam sprayed in so we could get insulated in this drafty old house, and still see the nice old beams.
After the insulation came the long grueling job of covering the foam ( fire regulation) with plaster. Because the sprayed on foam is wavy and hilly, we had to use a tiny trowel. All hand plastered and all hand sanded, two coats no less. Took all winter. Here is Cy helping out with the sanding.

Oh, my gosh its done! But don't the beams look great? Wasn't it worth it? After the plastering and sanding came the painting and antiquing. Yes, more work.
After we installed the 18th window sash, and Cy made the trim.

Next, we have to enclose the heat duct that runs through the ceiling. We're going to enclose it in wood, so hopefully it'll look like a big beam. You should see the fun Cy is having making the sides to fit up next to that wavy ceiling plaster.
We'll that's all for now. Love to get this room done, but the garden is calling!