Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Downstairs Bathroom

Finally, at last my dream is coming true. I know, who would think a pile of rubble and plaster dust in their house is a dream. Well, me for one. The crowbar is going to take out our lovely circa 1968 (thank you newspaper folded in the walls!) bathroom. My favorite is the neon green and copper fleck masonite wall covering.
Nice huh? Think the Jetsons would approve.
Blind window, they added the kitchen on in back of this window with a great view of sheetrock.
More great stuff. Actually the removable shower head is very handy for washing dogs.
Cute "Colonial" copper light fixture. Wave it all goodbye.
Here is Cy going to work! Goodby badly finished ugly sheetrock. Goodby silly window. Welcome piles of trash. Maybe a visit to the dump today. Think I can recyle the sink. Not for me but someone might like it.
What a mess, but I love it. Progress is being made!
This I can hardly believe. Here is a picture of the ceiling, where they added strips of wood over the original plaster and hung badly finished sheetrock. How silly is that! We are taking off the wood and doing a little plaster repair, and voila, original 18th plaster ceiling.
This is the wall behing the sink. What a joke, not a straight 2 x 4 anywhere. If you look you can see the back of the sheathing boards on the bedroom beyond.
Well this is the first installment, check back for more progress, hopefully next week, then a break for Brimfield.