Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Brimfield, or how to have fun while shopping for antiques!

When in Brimfield you have to have fun. Look at this cool display on hiway 20. Can you see the surfboards in the back of the old car?
And to have fun you have to look around and enjoy the ambiance. Here is a dashing dealer at the Textile Show.
People always seem to know where the best food is. Here is the best darn BBQ in New England. Look at the line at noon.
And if you're going shopping, better be looking good too! Here's a gal shopping at the fashion tents at the back of our field, New England Motel.
Here's another good looking booth in the same area.

Here's a piece of my booth near the front of the New England motel.
Here's my neighbor across the way, Stephanie Chiappa, up from PA.
Here's her neighbor, friend Rick Fuller. And look what is behind Rick's booth!
Chickens! Karen and Edd gave Rick two chickens and a rooster to take home to Vermont. The rooster was crowing away all week!
Here's Karen and Edd's booth across. the way.

Here's a hello from Gary Wirth of Gary and Sue Wirth's antiques.

Up the row, who else but Sasha's antiques?
Here's Cyril waving from his booth around the corner.
Last but not least John Melby's nice booth. Don't we have a nice looking group of dealers in our area?

And while we're on the subject, just look at this stuffed sheep in the booth of my friend Derek Poole. Remember my sheep fair blog last month, well here is a stuffed model ready to do his thing!
But at Brimfield you are not limited to country antiques. You can shop for your garden,

you can buy a pig,
modern art,
or tacky Chinese imports. But that's Brimfield. From the sublime to the ridiculous, it's all there. I guess my point is that while yes, we spend most of our time pounding the fields searching for the ultimate treasure, and the rest of the time dragging said treasure back to our truck, not to mention worrying about our bank balance, looking frantically for the umbrella we're sure we brought, standing in line at the one tiny indoor bathroom, trying to remember where we bought something, inching through traffic, slapping on the sunblock and rubbing our sore feet, there is more to see and do. Lift up your weary head and look around, its pretty comic out there. Come and see for yourself sometime. Oh, and don't forget to ask me where the Methodist pie ladies set up!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CT Sheep Fair

Hey, you want to have a good sheepy kind of fun, come to the CT Sheep Fair in Tolland, CT next year.
You can see a mama sheep and her lambs.
You can see really amazing sheep dogs and their owner herding sheep from giant open fields into tiny little pens.
OK, this is me being silly.
You can see alpacas, and bunnies, really any animal you can spin and weave from.
You can listen to live music.

You can buy all kinds of stuff. I got some alpaca socks, light and warm.
You can also eat all kinds of lamb and other food.
And here you can watch a sheep getting sheared. He's kind of cute, huh?

Anyhow, we had a good time, maybe we'll see you there next year.