Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Williamsburg trip Thursday

Boy, did we have fun this weekend. We went down to Williamsburg, VA, and did the Holiday Antiques show, but what was really fun was our trip to Colonial Williamsburg. I guess I has forgotten how wonderful it is. Yes, if I were doing it today, I'd choose to do some things differently, but hey, its the largest living history museum in the world, and that's got to be pretty impressive! Anyhow, I'm going to show you some pics of some of my favorite bits. There is just so darn much, its hard to know where to start.
Well, here is where we started, with a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at the historic Williamsburg Inn. All the trimmings, and then some. Note to self, don't wait til dark to take pictures!

Here is one of my favorite rooms, all real antiques, and look at that set of chairs, and the crystal chandelier, and the wonderful rug on the table. Here's a hint, if you go to Williamsburg, and you should, late in the year, go early in the day, as they don't have artificial light, and well, its too dark to see much in the afternoon.

Here is Mary the wigmaker, who actually makes wigs, just a fun visit. Did you know the wigmaker would shave your head so your wig would sit properly? Ladies, you too!

Here are thelates styles in ladies wigs for the 1740s. Also, see the nice barber bowls, and wig curlers.

I liked this humble building, as the overhang looks like a good idea for keeping my firewood dry. Maybe we could add one onto the little barn this year? Hint, hint!

OK, now this is not so grand, but what a great look! If we could just add some good hinges, and a cool lock, my basement doors would look a whole lot better.
I can't rave enough about all the beautiful gardens at Williamsburg. Here is the market gardener at work, they are planting fava beans for harvest in April.

My friend Karen pointed out how cleverly they used black willow for fencing here.
This finishes up Thursday afternoon. The evening I can't show you, but we went to an absolutely sublime organ concert in the 18th C Bruton church, with just the best performance of JS Bach absolutely ringing the rafters. What a great end to a great day!

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  1. oh my...

    what a wonderful time you must've had.
    your photos are so lovely, I feel like I'm along for the walk with you...
    now if only I could conjure up a little woodsmoke, it would be just about perfect.

    Thank you so much for sharing your day.