Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tour of the old Gaol in York, ME

Here is a picture of my friend Marion in the stocks in front of the old Gaol. The gaol was first a stone building in the 17th C., and later in the 18th C. it was added onto with living quarters for the jailer and his wife. She has to cook for her family and the prisoners. There was quite a bit of info about how jails were used in the old days, as short term holding cells, until their trial and sentence, hanging, branding, flogging etc. The idea was to get their punishment over with so they could get back to work for the community needed every one's contribution.

Here's one of the 18th C. cells with a cobbler's bench. This was so he could work and pay off his debts. Look at the great early light. Sorry I did not get any pics of the 17th C area, so dark, the windows were only 8" square. No glass, so I guess it was pretty cold in the winter.

Here's a favorite from the jailer's family quarters.I can't wait to try one of my cutting boards this way, as a game table. Here the children were learning to count.

Again in the 18th C part, a built in privy that drains to the outdoors. What luxury!

Here's Marion posing next to an idiot's chair, a sad commentary on the treatment of the mentally ill in the old days. Look at the holes for tying the person in, and tying it to the floor. And of course the potty underneath.

I thought you'd like this "ancient" treen plate from the museum area.

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