Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shelburne Museum Part 2

Here is the second part of our tour of Shelburne Museum in VT. Hope you enjoy!

Here are some very pretty herb gardens and fruit trees.

Just a simple corner of the country house, love the old bucket and lid, next to the elegant tea table.
One of my favorite views, this simple country bedroom. I could move right in!
Another herb garden back by the barns, more country in spirit.
Here is the world famous hat box collection, what a treat.

I love the top left blue one, "A view of the moon".

Another country house, love the built in shelves next to the fireplace.

Something you don't often see in restorations, snowshoes. But in snow country you know they had to have them to get around.

Here is my absolute favorite area. I am trying, without any success at all, to rebuild some of the stone walls that are on our property. Here they showed several styles of stone walls found in NE, and tips on how they are built. Now all I need is a class or 2 (wish there was such a thing!) and a stronger back. Stone walls are not for wimps.

This wall is called a "lace wall". It is only one layer of stones in thickness, stacked one on the other with little holes here and there, like lace. Oh, if only I could!

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  1. oh my goodness,Judi!

    What beautiful photos! I loved every one of them. The gardens, the corner of the room with the little tea table, the wonderful bed hangings...the hatbox room....be still my heart. Everything is so wonderful to see.
    You had a glorious time, I can see it...
    I'm so homesick for New England now.

    Thanks so much for sharing !