Sunday, November 21, 2010

CHS Needlework Exhibit Part 2

Here's the rest of the enchanting needlework exhibit at the Connecticut Historical Society. Above is a charming sampler by Lydia Church. What a needleworker she was! I love the black border, and the naive figures.
Look at her parasol!
And look at these flowers, just sweet little bundles of thread.
Here's another favorite. It was made by Frederic William Tuttle, a man's name if you will notice. It also says, " made in the 45th year of our nation's independence".
Here are 2 remarkable embroidered pictorial scenes. I like the lady blowing the flute to the cows in the lake. Do they like music?
This is another embroidered picture. It shows the three stages of life, the baby in the cradle, the woman embroidering, and the coffin. I wish you could have seen all the delicate stitches, and I love the harmony of the colors.
 I will finish with these magnificent bed hangings. Look at the detail of the parrot. Just breath taking. Boy, I could take these right home!

Anyhow, I recommend you find the time to check out this great exhibit at the Connecticut Historical Society,

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