Sunday, December 5, 2010

Waters Tavern Barn and Antiques Sale

Hanging out by the wonderful campfire, here's a few of the dealers and Cheryl Bonin (in the white vest) our hostess at the Waters Tavern Barn and Antiques Sale. She owns this fabulous property in West Sutton, MA with the old tavern, the old mill behind on the stream, and the most amazing stone work I've ever seen. Most of the sale was in the barn, and a few of us hardy sorts set up outside. Yes, I did say outside in December in Massachusetts. Luckily it was a great day.

Another view of the front of the mill.
Look at the unbelievable workmanship of the stonework on the mill run . I've never seen a self supporting stone bridge like this outside Japan. Incredible.

Here's my humble booth outside.

Doesn't this entrance look inviting?

A few pics of the inside of the barn, doesn't it look all Christmassy?
I wish I had a chance to take a few pics when it was really crowded early in the day, it was quite packed. Oh, then there was the adventure where the old stove backed up, and we all got smoked out. Always something going on. So, put this on your shopping list for next year. Because if you don't find an antique or decoration you can love, you will surely love the hot cider and homemade cookies, but best of all is the warm camaraderie.

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  1. Thanks Judy and Cy for the support and making the rest of us look so good. You were such great sports setting up outside on such a brisk December day. But, as you mentioned, we do it for the fun and friendship it brings, (and of course because we are all such antique addicts !)
    Warm wishes for a joyous and healthy holiday season. We look forward to seeing everyone in the barn next Spring !