Monday, January 3, 2011

Glastonbury New Years Show

Look at the crowd still coming in at noon! It's always been a popular show, but wow what a difference the weather makes. We had a balmy holiday weekend following the blizzard, so I guess everyone wanted to get out of the house.
This is the annual New Year's Show in Glastonbury, CT. Not a big show, about 62 dealers in the high school gym. But a fun show to do or shop. Very mixed show, only a few country dealers. For example, my neighbor showed jewelry and old fur coats from Manhattan, and was fun to listen to as she sold her wares.

 Look at the crowd in my booth!

Here's a pic of my booth without all the lovely customers.
Here's my neighbor across the way, Dom and Susan De Baise Antiques from Rocky Hill, CT.
Here's my next door neighbor, Martin Webster, West Branch Antiques from Delhi, NY
Here's my favorite thing at the show, a whaling ship desk ornament, with whales flukes to hold your pen, ink bottle in the center, a scrimshawed pic of the ship, the name and the captain's name, and under the center flap that lifts is the whale stamp for using in your ledger when you got a whale! Wow, now that is neat. Shown by Capt. Ron Wojcik at Green Highlander Gallery.
 Here's the booth of my friend Tina Black all the way from PA.
Another fun booth. CT is seafaring country you know.
Another booth,  lots of nice stuff. I hope you had fun looking at the pics of the show, and maybe you can shop here next New Year's. Have a fun and lucky New Year yourself!

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  1. I wish I could come there to shop for antiques, especially after I win the lottery...