Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buffalo Bill Cody Museum Visit

The first museum is all about the life and times of Buffalo Bill Cody. Look at this great early poster. Those old shows must have been something else!
Look at this huge saddle he actually used, and all the solid silver. That horse must have been a powerhouse.
A stagecoach from one of the shows.
This embroidered deerskin shirt was from the special exhibition about the evolution of western wear. The embroidery was so tiny, Native American, it was just unbelievable.
Woman's elk tooth dress. Ivory elk canine teeth would survive when the body and bones of the elk withered away, so they were a symbol of long life, just right for a young woman entering her childbearing years.
Modern western wear.
These modern boots were tooled and painted to honor this museum.
 Here's the opening to the Cody Firearms Museum. Look at that great display of guns. They have 1500 guns beautifully displayed on the first floor, and another 1200 downstairs to study. Yikes.

I liked this exhibit. It was the inside of a NE gunsmith's shop from 1770.
Here is a pistol from Simeon North, 1808, Middleton CT.

Look at this great storefront and interior.
 Here's a piece of the Plains Indian exhibit. So great.
I thought you'd like this, Lakota Sioux 1890.
From a collection of headdresses, Shoshonne plains, 1890.

On our way out we had to stop for a little lesson in roping.

But have to get moving, big shootout in Cody tonight, 6 p.m. and after that the rodeo. Big doings tonight!

If you'd like to see more pics of our trip, go to our website traveloque page, where I've posted quite a few,

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome trip Judi! I'd give anything for that lovely mortar and pestle!