Monday, March 18, 2013

Downstairs Bedroom

Your remember this pic right, the downstairs bedroom after we
tore out the wall between bathroom and bedroom. You can see on the ceiling where they took about 2 feet out of the bedroom and added it to the bathroom. Well, we put it back. I mean really, you couldn't fit a double bed in that little back bedroom. Charming room on the back of the house, window overlooking the garden, nice little fireplace, perfect bedroom right? Well, not if you can't fit a bed into it.
So here we're framing in the wall between bathroom and bedroom.
Looking backwards, here is the fireplace and wall between parlor and bedroom, all covered in lovely newish paint over the original blue.
Here I'm just starting to scrape off the newish paint, look at the weird hourglass symbol on the wall between parlor and fireplace.

Hey, some insulation and sheetrock to finish off the wall between bathroom and bedroom. Looking a little better?
Found 2 nice wide 18th C floorboards to replace those they took out of the bedroom, and put down linoleum and plywood in the bathroom. Yuck!
Cy hard at work.
Hey, I've been getting a little work done too! Here is the wall between parlor and bedroom in its original blue paint. Yeah!
Starting on the fireplace surround.
Another day's work.
Here's a funny story. I've been looking for an 18th C door to put here and replace the 1970's one that was there. We went to a sale up the road. There was a nice boxy 18th C cupboard with a perfect door, except it was already sold. Sighhh... But being me, I found the man who bought the cupboard, and he only wanted the back and side boards to build a table top. Hurray! $20 later and a little work with a screwdriver and I have a perfect fitting 18th C door. It was meant to be.
Another 3 days work. Boy this work is just tedious.
Another days work, the top of the door frame.
And here's a pic of my 2 best friends, a big old shop vac to eat up the paint dust, and a radio to relieve the boredom a bit.

That's all for now, hope to get this room done soon, but as you can see it's slow going, scraping away 1/4" at a time.

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  1. A lot of work with great results! Love the blue!!