Monday, June 17, 2013

Visit to Japan - Random Part 2

Here are more random things from our walks with the baby. Up the hill from Jesse's is this street with all kinds of small stores, many with specialty food. You know, pickled veggies, and dried and pickled fish and fresh fish, and herbs and teas and honey and pots and pans and shoes rice crackers and so on. Each small store specialized in one of these.
More of that street.
One shop specialized in tea pots. Pretty iris.
A barber shop with lots of plants.

We finally found a restaurant that would hold a stroller. The restaurants are small and crowded as you might imagine. It's also key to find one that has a picture menu, for you non Japanese speaking tourists. This place specialized in huge fried shrimp, as Cy has here. I had the griller mackerel, which came as you might expect, with rice, pickled veggies, and miso soup, with a cup of tea to follow.
A dog groomer.
I like the way they tied down the mulch here.
I love these balls of dried cypress, I think.
This place specializes in fish and sake. Lets go!
Love the door pull.
OK I must confess we sat here almost every morning. We'd buy breakfast at the bakery (think really good croissants) or the little diner (think fish and rice) and finish up here for a good cup of coffee and....
the view. A constantly changing group of people coming out of the train station. I could spend hours looking at the unusual choices in women's clothing, and just people watching.

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