Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Williamsburg trip Monday, De Witt Wallace Museum

So, after we finished our antique show, we went back to Colonial Williamsburg on Monday, and started out at the DeWitt Wallace Museum, which is quite a place. They have a tremendous exhibition space, with some of the best antiques I for one have ever seen. This delft posset pot, above, is the piece I think I'd save if the place were burning down and I happened to be standing nearby. It is over a foot tall, and just amazing. Look at the coat of arms, and the date and initials. It is thought to have been made to celebrate the owner's joining the carpenter's guild in England in 1676. Must have been quite a party that night!
Here is the japanned highboy from Boston and a tap table in walnut from VA I think I remember. I guess Boston was the center of japanning in the new world.

Here is a tall clock by the famous Tompion of London, and look at the dressing table, and the sconce. The quality of the antiques is amazing, everything is the best possible example of its kind.

On to the next exhibit, all about 18th C quilting. This is the earliest pieced quilt I've ever seen, all silks and velvets.

Another early beauty, a piece of a quilt border, again all silks.

Look at the crewel embroidery and quilting on this early stomacher, a piece a lady would wear on the front of a formal dress. I wish I could show you the white on white crewel embroidered quilt with just amazing tiny stitches, but a pocket phone can only do so much!

And now on to another exhibit, about redware, and earthen ware and other ceramics available in the Colonial days. Here is some of the most beautiful redware I have ever seen.

Look at the signed chargers, and the enormous harvest jug down below. Wow! is all I can say.

You all know by now how much I like delft. Here are three barber bowls, the one in the front is English, the one behind is Dutch, and the last is French.

Here is a bell dated 1676.

Here is a little bit of lighting for all you collectors out there. Look at the wonderful lanterns, and can you see the tin sconce up above with punched and fluted decoration?
I liked this inlaid spice cabinet from Loudon Cty., VA, late 18th C

Look at the great apothecary cabinet on legs, and the tea table from CT of course!

I'll finish the morning tour with a corner of the Tasha Tudor dollhouse kitchen. Look at the tiny dishdrainer!
Please know that this is just a tiny fraction of the hundreds of objects on display at any one time. But time flies, and its on to the Chowning Tavern for lunch, I'm starved!

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  1. oh how wonderful wonderful, Judy.
    I'm so homesick for a visit to Williamsburg.
    You have brightened my day here!

    I love that quilt and the stomacher, how beautiful everything is....and Tasha's dollhouse kitchen...sigh....

    lucky you to be there this time of year!
    thank you so much for sharing your visit.