Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tour of Plymouth

On our way south from Maine, we decided to spend a day and tour a classic New England piece of history. We went to Plymouth, MA. I did not go to Plimouth Plantation, as I have been there before, but I do recommend you go if you're in the area. We viewed the Plymouth rock, OK, its a rock, and toured the Mayflower 2, an accurate copy of the famous ship that brought the pilgrim here.
What a pretty view, no? Next we went to the famous Pilgrim Hall, a museum showing many of the pilgrim's actual possessions, and a lot of great information about their lives and the era.

A great early carved chest and carver type chair.

A fabulous writing box from Holland, inlaid with shell. Look at the early glasses and their carved wooden case.

Another early chair, a wainscot style this time, and a great large gateleg table.

After that we hiked around town, saw the sarcophagus that commemorates the burial after dark of the first settlers who died. This was done to hide from the Indians the terrible loss of life. Further up the hill we walked through the early graveyard, so lonely and beautiful. 
 Aren't these sweet, leaning together in death as in life.

Of course after all of this hiking about,  we needed lunch. Here is the view from our table at the Lobster Hut. Great shore lunch, sweetest scallops I think I've ever had.

 Then we got the car and visited a few old houses. Here is the Howland house.

Here is a great old broom I thought you'd like, the top is bound up with fishing twine.

And here is a great rush light we found in the parlor. Isn't it great? Wish I could have bought it, but no, its a museum Judi!

Here is the earliest remaining house, the Sparrow house. I'm only showing you the exterior, as the interior was pretty dire.

After that we went home and collapsed. What a great time, looking at all that American history, it makes you feel so in touch with the old days. I'm glad I wasn't a Pilgrim, but I am proud that they were our ancestors. If you want to read a riveting book about their trials and tribulations, read Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick.  It's kind of hard to read, I kept having to put it down for a day or two, as he wrote so clearly that I felt their difficulties keenly.

Don't you love history?


  1. Thank you Judi for this Plymouth post! I love history and would love to visit MA soon!

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